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Elevator Injuries Lawyers

Los Angeles injury lawyers for elevator Injuries

Eevators are can be found in shopping complexes, hospitals and many other places to help people who find difficulty in using the stairs due to physical pain. But elevator results in numerous serious elevator injuries and deaths every year in Los Angeles. Elevator accidents come under the category of premises liability, caused by the negligence of the property owner.

Causes of Elevator accidents-

  • Mechanical malfunction
  • Improper leveling with the floor
  • Any fall due to exposed elevator shaft
  • Asphyxiation from being trapped inside the elevator 
  • Get trapped between the elevator and side wall

Seeking compensation for elevator injuries?

Call your personal injury lawyer LA and inform about the incident immediately. When an elevator accident occurs due to no fault of your own, you can claim to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Beverly Law firm is a well-recognized company, staffed with experienced injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Of course, receiving compensation is your right as you’ve suffered from damages and pain. Our Los Angeles injury attorneys will help you in getting the right compensation with no hassle.

Nevertheless, you need a powerful LA personal injury attorney to represent your side strongly to secure the compensation. We, trustworthy injury lawyers in Los Angeles at Beverly Law firm, interview witness, review any surveillance and use your medical reports to represent your case.
If you’ve been in an elevator accident, you should contact police and an LA personal injury attorney to preserve all evidence at the accident site and discuss your legal rights. The Los Angeles injury attorneys at Beverly Law Firm will help you if you have a case and make the legal process as simple as possible.


Los Angeles Automobile Accident Attorney/Lawyer

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